Getting an INSPIRE Fellowship is a great achievement for any Ph.D. program at TNAU. During finalization of my research topic after the completion of coursework, I along with my Chairman Dr. R. Kavitha decided to take up such a research work keeping in mind about INSPIRE. As we all know that proposal of the research is very essential, it took me several days to make my proposal ready which would be attractive enough. Throughout the entire process, I was able to successfully apply for the fellowship because of the constant support of my chairman. Even though I was confident about my proposal, at the same time I was anxious about whether I will be able to get INSPIRE. On the day I received my offer letter from INSPIRE my happiness saw no bounds. I would like to thank DST, Govt. of India for providing such financial support to the young researchers to carry out their research.

Siprali Panda
II Ph.D. Research Scholar
Dept. of Farm Machinery and
Power Engineering