Entering the prestigious TNAU has always been a cherished aspiration of mine, drawn by its illustrious reputation and the high standards it has set in India over the years. Fortunately, my dream materialized as I secured the opportunity to pursue my doctoral degree there. They say that when something is truly meant for us, even our modest efforts can pave the way for its realization, and indeed, it seemed to be the case for me.My research proposal centered around the seemingly minor yet significantly impactful issue of “false smut disease of rice.” Despite its classification as a minor ailment, I believed there was immense potential for exploration and innovation in this domain. The university, recognizing the promise of my proposal, provided me with an exceptionally experienced chairperson, Dr. S. Manonmani. Under their guidance, interest, and invaluable contributions, what initially appeared as a niche area for research bloomed into a rich field of study.

In research, having an innovative idea is just the beginning; what truly propels us forward is the proper guidance and support system. In this regard, my mentor at the university played an indispensable role. Their unwavering commitment to my academic journey, coupled with their profound expertise, not only steered me in the right direction but also instilled in me a deeper understanding of my subject matter.In essence, the journey from dream to reality was not solitary but a collaborative effort, with the TNAU providing the fertile ground for my academic aspirations to flourish, and my mentor acting as the guiding light illuminating the path to success.


(IInd PhD, Genetics and Plant Breeding)