University Research Projects

TNAU is more specific in identifying the theme areas to carry out it’s strategic research to satisfy the needs of Tamil Nadu farmers. TNAU scientists have been advised to propose new research projects satisfying the State mandates and the identified Research Priority Areas (RPAs). Though research at TNAU is being taken in various forms at different levels, all the research schemes being operated are goal-centric, self-driven and cost-effective. TNAU research agenda is planned in such a way that it takes care of the feedback received from the department officials, builds up the platform by having the discussions during the research council meeting for arriving at logical conclusions and for its effective implementation through strategic project formulation utilizing the scientific manpower of the university. The entire gamut of research activities is coordinated by the Directorate of Research with the following objectives. For the operation of the goal-oriented URPs, the Government of Tamil Nadu has sanctioned Rs. 5.00 crores annually to TNAU from this year onwards.


1. University Research Projects – 2022-2023 (200 Nos.)

2. University Research Projects – 2021-2022 (216 Nos.)

3. University Research Projects – 2020-2021 (291 Nos.)

4. University Research Projects – 2019-2020 (178 Nos.)

5. University Research Projects – 2018-2019 (123 Nos.)

6. University Research Projects – 2017-2018 (129 Nos.)

7. University Research Projects – 2016-2017 (201 Nos.)