Rice Research Station in its dedicated service to the farming community for the past eight decades, released twenty rice varieties and variety specific improved production technologies. Among them, ASD 1 (Kar Samba Red) released in 1943 was the ruling strain of the tract in the first crop- Kar season until  1980. ASD 5 (Karthigai Samba) and ASD 11 (Ottukitchili) of 150 days duration are noted for their suitability to late planted condition and quality rice. ASD 7 (105 days) noted for its resistance to GLH, BPH and leaf-folder; ASD 8 (86 days) for its resistance to GLH, and ASD 9 (92 days) for its resistance to BPH and GLH; are internationally renowned and are being used in resistance breeding all over the world.  Among others varieties released, ASD 16 (110-115 days) released in 1986, is still very popular in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. It possess a new plant type with low tillers, more number of grains per panicle and gives superior yield. The grain type is short bold with excellent flour properties for idli/dosai making. In the international market it is being preferred for idli/dosai making. This variety is liked by Kerala people for eating with fish curry. Thus ASD 16 demand higher market preference.   ASD 19 is another popular quality rice variety released during 1995, which is suitable for second crop season (October sowing).