Crop Protection

  • Root soaking of rice seedling in 100 ml of Chlorpyriphos + 500 g of urea dissolved in 50 litres of water for 30 minutes effectively controls the rice pests upto 30 days of planting.
  • Basal application of 150 kg/ha of neem cake powder and  5% NSKE spray on 30, 40 and 50th day, controls stem borer, leaf folder, ear head bug and sheath blight of rice.
  • The IPM module (PGPR Consortia seed treatment @ 10g/kg and Soil application @ 2.5 kg/ha with 50 kg FYM/ha, release of Trichogramma japonicum @ 5cc/ha on 30, 37, 44, 51 and 58 DAT and chilonis @ 5cc/ha on 37, 44 and 51 DAT, LCC based N application, need based application of NSKE 5%), controls the pests of rice and increase the natural enemies population.
  • Study on the seasonal incidence of disease indicated that bacterial leaf blight affected the rice crop during September – October, sheath blight in October – November and brown spot during January-February, whereas sheath rot occurred throughout the year; but severity was noticed during October-November.
  • Sprouted seed treatment with Bavistin (16 g/40 litres of water) + Urea 1% and Bavistin + KCl 0.1% recorded the least bacterial blight infection.