Crop Management

  • Rice-Rice-Pulses or Rice-Rice-Gingelly along with subsidiary units of milch animals, rearing of goats, fish cultures and mushroom cultivation are economical for Thamirabarani region.
  • The first fortnight of June and second week of October are the optimum time of sowing for short and medium duration varieties respectively.
  • Application of 10 kg of BGA/ha in Kar and Azolla 1.0 t/ha in Pishanam saves 25 kg of N fertilizer /ha.
  • Basal application of DAP to the nursery @ 2 kg/cent enhances rice yield.
  • Application of slaked lime 1 t / ha for every crop upto five crops of paddy is essential to reclaim the soil acidity and to bring the soil pH to the near normal condition for getting good yield in rice.
  • Application of Phosphobacterium (2 kg/ha) to the main field increases the efficiency of ‘P’ availability in acid soils.