Farm Facilities

RRS Farm

  • The RRS, Ambasamudram has a total area of  23.49 acres, among which 19.0 ac is under double crop wet land. The irrigation facilities of the farm is supported by Nathiunni canal of Thamirabarani river and three borewells.  Farm area is being utilized for research, seed production and demonstration of latest technologies recommended by the University.

The Rice Research Station, Ambasamudram has well equipped infrastructure facilities. Salient features of facilities are furnished below.

Screen house

  • The screen house is being used for screening of rice insect pest and diseases under artificial condition and doing pot culture experiments.


  • RRS, Ambasamudram possess a  mini library with books, journals, newsletters, technical bulletins and research publications pertinent to rice.

 Staff Quarters

  • Three staff quarters are available within the campus for housing the scientists and  technical staff.