Farm Facilities

The total area  of 80.5 acres for sugarcane, paddy and green manures cultivation,  supported by 7 numbers of bore wells and all the wells are inter connected with pipe lines. For monitoring and execution of farm activities 3 numbers of Agricultural Officers, 2 Lab technicians, 32 PUSM, 7 MTSP and 6 numbers of Casual Laborers are available. The textural classes of the soils are of sand, sandy loam, sandy clay loam and loamy clay. The farm machineries and implements available at SRS, Cuddalore are tractors of 2 numbers, mini tractors 2 numbers (for carrying inter cultural operations), various farm implements viz., double disc plough, disc harrows, chisel plough, cultivator, ridger, leveler, Cooper plough, Victory plough, Junior hoe, pit maker, stubble shaver, shredder, ratooner, rotavator and sugarcane combined harvester with infielder for carrying out various farm operations and harvest. A pair of bullock was also maintained for carrying out the intercultural operation. A separate thrashing floor of 10 cent areas is situated at centre of the farm. Godowns were available for storing of farm inputs and farm produces. The mandate crop was sugarcane and as a crop rotation with paddy or sun hemp or daincha is raised. Around 200 numbers of coconut trees and 12 numbers of Kapok trees are being maintained all along the farm roads and peripheral sites.