Milestone Achievements

Milestone Achievements



Totally 26 varieties have been released from Sugarcane research station, Cuddalore. Fifteen early and eleven mid late sugarcane varieties have been released from this research station including the Wonder cane of CoC 671, with the latest variety of CoC 13339. The major milestone and achievement is the release of high yield sugarcane variety CoC 671. This variety tolerated drought condition and gave excellent yield to the farmers and high sugar from 8th month onwards. It benefited both farmer and sugar mill, this variety gave most of the present day high sugar containing varieties.


SSI technology : Adoption of SSI system of sugarcane cultivation, minimizes the input cost on seed material, saves labour and irrigation water requirement altogether with reduction of weed competition. In addition, this system ensures sustainable sugarcane productivity through increased tiller and millebale cane population, improved yield parameters and yield of sugarcane.

Treating the setts with aerated steam at 500C for one hour with Trichoderma viride (Tv 1) @ 4g/l or Pseudomonas fluorescens (Pf 1) or Bacillus subtillus (Bs 1) at 10 g/l of water for 10 minutes is recommended for the management of red rot and primary infection of grassy shoot disease.