Crop Improvement

I. Sugarcane
Name of Variety Year of release Season Parentage Average cane yield (t/ha) CCS (%) Special features
CoSi 776 1977 Mid-Late Co 419 X Co 775 120.0 11.0 Drought tolerant, moderately resistant to top shoot borer and perform well under saline-alkaline soil
CoSi 86071 1986 Mid-Late Co 775 X Co 842 132.0 12.0 Moderately resistant to red rot, smut and top shoot borer
CoSi 95071 1995 Early CoC 671 X MS 6847 142.0 12.0 Withstand early drought and late water logging, good ratooner and moderately resistant to red rot.
CoSi 96071 1996 Early GC derivative of Co 82061 147.0 11.9 Performs well under alkaline soil
CoSi 98071 1998 Mid-Late BO 91 X Co 62198 144.7 12.1 Moderately resistant to red rot, smut and scales
CoSi (SC) 6 2005 Early Co 8213 X CoA 7602 148.0 12.3 Drought tolerant, withstands water logging and performs well in alkali soils, moderately resistant to red rot and smut.
TNAU Sugarcane SI 7 2010 Early Co 99043 X CoG 93076 154.0 13.1 Tolerant to drought and red rot. It produces light purple coloured thick and straight cane.  It is a non flowering type.  It has no spines which favours easy detrashing.
TNAU Sugarcane SI 8 2012 Mid-late CoC 90063 X Co 8213 146.0 12.9 Tolerant to drought, water stagnation and red rot. It produces pale green coloured thick and straight cane and best suited for mechanical cultivation.  It has no spines and easy for detrashing. It performs well under problem soils. Good ratooner
II. Betelvine
Name of Variety Year of release Yield (lakhs leaves/ha/yr) No. of branches/vines Special features
SGM 1 1994 65.00 28.31 Dwarf vines, low production cost, pale green colour leaves, field tolerance to wilt
SGM BV 2 2004 48.81 17 – 29 Dark green leaves and less pungency