Crop Management

  • Sugarcane Ratoon-Black gram – Paddy Cropping sequence was found to be beneficial.
  • Soybean along the ridges of Sugarcane was found beneficial
  • Incorporation of Daincha on 60th day of cane planting increased yield by 12.15 t/ha
  • Higher cane yield was obtained by integration of 210 kg of N as Neem coated urea with 25 tonnes pressmud, 10 kg of Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria per hectare
  • To compact drought, trash mulching combined with spraying of 12.5 kg Kaoline/ha or deep trenching with urea + spraying of  potash 2.5 % can be practiced
  • Application of Borax @ 62.5 kg/ha at 100 days after planting reduces loss in CCS from 2.95 % to 0.89 %
  • Application of diluted distillery effluent @ 1:40 ratio has increased the cane and sugar yield apart from improving the soil organic matter