Hostel Facilities

  • Hostel facilities are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students separately.
  • Hostel for boys and girls are housed at two different premises.
  • The hostel is well furnished with furniture, modern kitchen and hygiene toilets.
  • Both the hostels are provided with a wifi facility for accessing internet with a bandwidth of 12 Mbps.
  • Boys undergraduate hostel has 40 rooms and girls undergraduate hostel has 52 rooms.Each room can accommodate 3 persons.
  • Boys post graduate hostel has 17 rooms and girls postgraduate hostel has 13 rooms. Each room can accommodate 2 persons.
  • Students manage all the functional activities of the hostel and the mess bill is based on the dividing the total expenditure incurred each month. Hence, the mess is run with very low monthly rates by the students at the same time without compromising the quality of food.