Crop Improvement

  • Coconut genoptype SanRamon has been released as Kalpa Shatabdi by CPCRI during 2016. The variety is characterised by large fruits with average copra out turn of 272.9 g and tender nut volume of 612 ml per nut and average nut yield of 105 nuts per palm per year.
  • Groundnut culture ALG 234 which is Spanish Bunch type and a selection from ICGV 94118 ,with duration of 120 days and oil content of 50.3 %.
  • Among the five hybrid combinations (LCT x ADOT, ADOT  x ECT, BGR x ADOT, ECT x LCT and WCT x TPT), ADOT x ECT was better in terms of spikelets per bunch and number of buttons per bunch