Ongoing Schemes

1. HCRI / ALR/ HOR/SPC/2019/002.  Evaluation of turmeric genotypes under coconut ecosystem Dr.V.Sivakumar

Asst. Professor (Hort.)


Assoc. Professor (Plant Path)


Asst. Professor (SS & AC)

2. CPPS/ALR/PAT/CNT/2016/001.

Documentation of hot spot area and optimization of management strategies for coconut root (wilt) disease in Tamil Nadu

Dr. E. Rajeswari

Assoc. Prof (Plant Path.)

3. CPPS/ALR/PAT/NEM/GNT/2017/001. Identifying the mechanism of resistance in groundnut breeding materials against rust and late leaf spot diseases. Dr.C.Ushamalani

Assoc. Prof (Plant Path.)


4. CPPS/ALR/ENT/SPC/2017/001. Studies on the population dynamics and management of Rugose Spiraling Whitefly in Coconut Dr.M.Alagar

Asst. Professor (Agrl.Ento.)


5. DCM/ALR/AGR/CNT/2014/001. Effect of water soluble fertilizers (WSF) and shredded coconut wastes on dwarf coconut Dr.S.Rani

Asst. Professor (Agronomy)

6. DCM/ TNJ/ AGR/ 2016/ 001. Oilseeds as a component crop in rice based cropping sequence in canal command area (Upland) 1.Dr.S.Rani

Asst. Professor (Agronomy)

2. Dr.C.Sudhalakshmi

Asst. Professor (Soil Science)

7. NRM/ALR/SAC/SPC/2015/001. Standardization of micronutrient recommendation of cocoa under coconut intercropping systems Dr.C.Sudhalakshmi

Asst. Professor (Soil Science)

8. NRM/ALR/SAC/2016/001. Desalinization of irrigation water for sustainable agriculture. Dr.C.Sudhalakshmi

Asst. Professor (Soil Science)

9. NRM/ALR/ENS/CNT/2016/001. Evaluating the impact of organic amendments in coir industry wastewater affected areas on coconut growth, nut yield and soil nutrients Dr.R.M.Jayabalakrishnan

Asst. Professor (Env. Sci.)

10. HC & RI / ALR / HOR/ SPC / 2019/001. Nutrient optimization (N-P-K) for dwarf varieties of coconut Dr.C.Sudhalakshmi

Asst. Professor (Soil Science)