• Collection, evaluation and maintenance of coconut germplasm.
  • Evaluation of promising hybrids and varieties of coconut
  • Regenerative studies in coconut
  • Development of coconut hybrids with high copra and oil content
  • Coconut based inter/mixed cropping suitable for Pollachi region
  • Integrated Nutrient Management in coconut
  • Improving water and nutrient use efficiency through drip fertigation in coconut
  • Survey and monitoring the major pests and diseases of coconut
  • Mass production and distribution of bio control agents viz., Bracon brevicornis against coconut black headed caterpillar
  • Preventing the spread of root wilt disease of coconut
  • Studies on the management of leaf blight disease of coconut


  • Screening of groundnut cultures against major diseases under field conditions.
  • Studies on integrated disease management of rust and late leaf spot diseases of groundnut
  • Identification of the bioresource constraints existing in the farm front


  • Identification of suitable clones for intercropping in coconut gardens of Pollachi tract
  • Micronutrient management of cocoa
  • Fertigation and stress tolerance studies in cocoa


  • Standardization of spacing and nutrient management of pepper and ginger to fit as intercrops in coconut