Technologies Developed

Technologies Developed

  • Split application of NPK @ 40:20:40 kg per hectare at 6th and 9th months after sowing coconut seed nuts produce high quality seedlings.
  • Water requirement of coconut for Western zone of Tamil Nadu has been


Months Quantity of  water to be applied (lit/day)
Adequate water available area Moderate water available area High water scarcity area
Through drip irrigation:
Feb – May 65 45 22
Jan, Aug and Sep 55 35 18
June, July, Oct -Dec 45 30 15
Through ring basins:
Feb – May 410 lit / 6 days


Jan, Aug and Sep 410 lit / 7 days
June, July, Oct -Dec 410t / 9 days


  • Application of FYM @ 12 t/ha along with RDF (17:34:54 NPK / ha) recorded higher pod yield in confectionery groundnut CO3 with increased return of Rs. 7736/- per ha and BCR of 2.12 (Scientific Workers’ Conference, 2006)
  • Fertilizer schedule for irrigated groundnut was refined as 25:50:75 kg NPK / ha (Scientific Workers’ Conference, 2008)
  • Integrated Weed Management in Groundnut

     Broad leaved weeds: Pre emergence application of Pendimethalin @ 0.75 kg ai/ha followed by post emergence application of Imazethaphyr 50 g ai/ha on 20 DAS

     Grass and Broad leaved weeds: Pre emergence application of Pendimethalin @ 0.75 kg ai/ha followed by hand weeding and earthing up + lay by application of Pendimethalin @ 0.75 kg ai/ha on 40 DAS (Scientific Workers’ Conference, 2009)

  • Suitable coconut based multitier cropping system comprising of Coconut + Cocoa + Pineapple + Banana was developed for the Western Ghats region of Tamil Nadu.
  • Flower crops viz., Marigold and Gomphrena were found to be remunerative intercrops in adult coconut gardens without any reduction in nut yield.
  • Medicinal plant – Sitharathai (Alpinia galanga) and the aromatic plant – Lemon grass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) performed better in adult coconut garden with higher cost benefit.
  • Widely prevalent deficiencies of KMnO4-N, Olsen –P, NNNH4OAc-K, DTPA Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu and hot water soluble boron in the farms of CRS, Aliyar Nagar warrants split application of the fertilizers so as to avoid the sand drown effect of these nutrients
  • A new soil series viz., Aliyar Series which is diagnostically different from that of the already existing red calcareous soil series viz., Palladam series, Tulukkanur series and Palathurai series has been identified at CRS, Aliyar Nagar.


Soil series Soil colour Soil depth Soil texture Soil Order
Palladam series 2.5 YR 3/2 –

7.5 YR 4/4

15 cm sl (g)  to ls Entisol
Tulukkanur series 5 YR 4/6 – 5 YR 4/4 85 + cm cl(g) to scl Entisol
Palathurai series 5 YR 4/6 – 3.5 YR 3/2 120+ cm sl to cl (g) Alfisol

(Shading represents the differentia of the profiles explored at CRS, Aliyar Nagar)

  • To alleviate micronutrient deficiencies, micronutrient formulation has been developed for cocoa under coconut intercropping systems
  • Alternative cropping systems , Paddy – sesame and Paddy – blackgram cropping systems have been suggested to the farmers of PAP command area owing to the instability of the existing paddy – paddy cropping systems due to acute water stress.