1989 Pineapple nursery, Dept. of Horticulture, Govt. of Tamil Nadu was established as Horticultural Research Station, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University with an area of  9.53 ha.
1992 An area of 8.0 ha was annexed with the main block. A new ‘A’ Block was established on the main road with 4.16 ha
1999 Agro Meteorological Advisory Services Unit (AAS) established
2004 ICAR- KVK was established  in the Horticultural Research station,  Pechiparai
2008 HRS, Pechiparai was upgraded as co- opting centre to work in spices under AICRP from Voluntary centre.
2008 Institute of Agriculture was established with first batch of 19 students
2010 BARC Scheme on ‘Isolation and characterization  of mutant with altered starch composition for augmenting industrial value of tapioca’.
2013 Institute of Horticulture was established with first batch of 38 students
2014 Completing 25 years of service to the farming community
2018 CGIAR – Bioversity International –  Project on “Exploration, characterization and utilization of under exploited fruits crops, viz., Jack fruit, Jamun and Custard apple in Tamil Nadu and adjoining states”

Collaborative project with IFGTB “Enhancing the productivity and active ingredients of medicinal plant – Salacia oblonga

Core Projects for research activities at colleges and Research Stations of TNAUPhase II

  •  Optimization of nutrient dose and scheduling for red banana in high rainfall zone
  • Influence of weather and soil parameters on yield and quality of banana cv. Matti (AA) at Kanniyakumari district