Ongoing Schemes

  1. HCRI/PPI/HOR/FRU/2018/CP115 – Influence of weather and soil parameters on yield and quality of banana cv. Matti (AA) at Kanniyakumari district.
  2. HCRI/PPI/HOR/FRU/2018/CP116 – Optimization of nutrient dose and scheduling for red banana in high rainfall zone.
  3. CPPS/PPI/NEM/VEG/2019/001 – Study the efficacy of bio agents on nematode management in bhendi.
  4. CPPS/PPI/NEM/VEG/2019/002 – Bio seedling for nematode management in black pepper.
  5. HC&RI/PPI/HOR/SPC/2020/001 – Assessment of yield in High Density Planting of Clove.
  6. V60-CH – Production of clonal planting material of black pepper, tree spices and cashew.
  7. V60-DS – Commercial production of honey and vermicompost.