• Selection and evaluation of desirable high yielding tree spices (Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon), Pepper, Garcinia, minor fruits (Rhambutan, Mangoosteen, Star fruit etc.,) Banana, Jack, Pineapple, Custard apple, vegetables (Tapioca and Yams) and medicinal plants of high rainfall zone.
  • Standardization of management techniques to improve yield and quality of Banana, Pineapple, Jack, Tree spices, Pepper and vegetables.
  • Standardization of optimum nutrient requirements in horticultural crops of high rainfall zone.
  • Developing Agro – forestry system in this region by evaluating the existing practices and their impact on the socio – economic conditions of this region.
  • Development of Integrated pest and disease management in Tree spices, Pepper, Banana, Jack, and vegetables.
  • To establish a medium range weather forecasting system.
  • Training local farmers, tribals and Dept. officials by organising T & V Zonal Workshops, Seminars, Field days etc.
  • Offering institutional support for monitoring and hand holding them to carry out their development activities.
  • Offering Diploma (Hort.) programme


  • Developing high yielding varieties with the selection of native eco-types in tree spices (nutmeg, clove & garcinia)
  • Strengthening research on high density planting in clove and nutmeg.
  • Propagation and canopy management studies in under exploited fruits crops viz., star fruit, mangosteen, rambutan etc.
  • Collection and conservation of medicinal plants of this region.
  • To establish a medium range weather forecasting system.
  • Dissemination of the technologies by conducting farmers’ days, field days, field diagnostic visits, training programmes and through mass media

About the station

Pechiparai is a Village Panchayat situated about 12 km away from Kulasekharam and 1.2 Km from Pechiparai Dam in Kalkulam Taluk and 45 km away from Nagercoil which is the District head quarters of Kanniyakumari District. This area falls under the High Rainfall Zone.

Location with Altitude, Latitude and Longitude : 76 M MSL, 8026’N, 77019’E
Date of  start  of the Station : 1989 (G.O.Ms.No.194 Agriculture (H1)
Department dated 21.03.1989)
Total area of the Station : 21.69 ha.
1. Main Farm : 9.53 ha (23.55 acres) -Survey No.37
2. Eucalyptus Block : 8.00 ha (19.77 acres) – Survey No.37
3. Albizia Block : 4.16 ha (10.28 acres) – Survey No.27
Soil type : Red laterite
Soil nutrient status
pH : 5.3
EC : 0.32 dsm-1
Available N : 107.8 kg/ha-1
Available P2O5 : 57.4kg/ha-1 
Available K2O : 27.4kg/ha-1
 Rainfall (mm)   2018 2019
Winter : 106.7 121.8
Summer : 919.5 715.9
South west monsoon : 1763.4 1150.0
North east monsoon : 1000.2 720.0
Total : 3789.8 2707.7