Crop Management

  • Soil application of 120kg of rock phosphate and 5kg of phosphobacterium per ha increases nutrient content of leaves and also the yield of coffee.
  • Panniyur-1, Kottanadan, karimunda and Kudiraivali are the suitable varieties of pepper for Lower Pulney hills.
  • Application of Planofix @ 40ppm reduces flower dropping in pepper.
  • Application of N.P and K @ 50:40:150 gram/plant along with 25g magnesium sulphate gives higher yield of pepper.
  • Dipping hardwood cuttings of clove in 2000 ppm of IBA solution gives maximum germination and rooting.
  • The ginger variety Suruchi performs well in this area.
  • Spraying of magnesium sulphate + sinc sulphate @ 0.6% increases fruit yield of mandarin orange.
  • Application of 25gm each of VAM, Azospirilliumand phosphobacterium / vine/year combined with 100gm of NPK/vine/year recorded maximum number of beans /vine. (62.95), bean length (20.90cms), bean girth (4.61 cm), single bean weight (15.40gm) and average bean yield /vine (934 gm).
  • Vanilla VP2 collected from Pechiparai recorded a maximum number of beans/vine (77.20), average single bean weight 14.8gm) and average total bean yield (1140gm/vine).  The average maximum bean length 21cm and bean girth (4.61cm) were recorded in VP-11.