Ongoing Projects

Scheme No. Title of the scheme Name (s) of the PI/CO PI Period Progress of work
E28 IW MIDH – Seed & Planting material prod., distribution & TOT in spices Mission for integrated development of Horticulture : seed & Planting material production and distribution and transfer of technology in spices PI – Dr.T.Thangaselvabai

Professor and Head

CO- PI –


Asst.Prof (Hort)


2019-2020 75,000 pepper cuttings were produced
NADP NADP on Demonstration of  production technologies of lesser known fruits – avocado and litchi in lower Pulney hills and jamun and manila tamarind in arid zone of Tamilnadu Dr.T.Thangaselvabai

Professor and Head

HRS, Thadiyankudisai



Director (ODL)


2019-20 Planting materials procured infrastructure strengthened demo units renovated