Crop Protection

  • To attract fruit flies in orange, flish –meal trap is recommended @ 20 traps per acre.
  • To attract and kill fruit flies of chow-chow, fish meal trap @ 20 traps / acre is recommended.
  • Spraying of 0.5% bordeaux mixture as first round during June, 0.02% triadimefon as second round and 0.5% bordeaux in the third round reduces the coffee rust disease.
  • To control quick wilt of pepper, soil application of Trichoderma viride@ 20g. / vine mixed with 2kg of FYM is effective.
  • Sodium chloride test has been developed to identify the bunchy top virus (BTV) infected suckers of banana.
  • Application of 400mg of 2, 4 – D along with 100g of urea in a hole made in the pseudostem base kills the BTV affected banana.
  • Acephate application @ 400mg one week before 2,4-D application kills the vector insect of BTV.
  • Pseudomonas flourescensas capsule application @ 500mg reduces the banana wilt.