Completed Schemes

Sl.No. Project Title Duration Name of the Project leader
1. Development of blackgram cultures suitable for Rice- fallow conditions of Cauvery Delta Zone. 2013 – 2018

Dr.P.Shanthi,  Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.D.Sassikumar, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.K.Iyanar, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.S.Santha,  Asst. Prof.. (PB&G).

2. Breeder Seed production of short, medium and long duration rice varieties. 2013 – 2016 Dr. R. Suresh, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)
3. Evaluation of PGPB for the management of sheath blight in the direct seeded and transplanted rice. 2014 –  2017 Dr.R.Thilagavathi, Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)
4. Evaluation of endophytic biocontrol agents against sheath rot of rice. 2014 –  2017 Dr.P.Ahila Devi, Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)
5. Exploring the possibilities of using rhizosphere inhabiting Streptomyces sp for the management of Brown leaf spot of rice. 2014 –  2017 Dr.P.Ahila Devi, Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)
6. Exploring Bacillus sp. for the control of bacterial leaf blight of rice caused by Xanthomonas oryazae pv. oryzae. 2015 –  2018 Dr.R.Thilagavathi, Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)
7. Evolving appropriate zinc fertilization strategy for rice-rice cropping system in Old Cauvery Delta Zone. 2015 – 2018 Dr.C.Sharmila Rahale, Asst. Prof. (SS&AC)
8. Performance of microbial inoculants in low land and SRI rice. 2016 – 2018 Dr.M. Jeya Bharathi, Asst. Prof. (Agri. Micro.)
9. Seed invigoration studies to improve seedling vigour in blackgram seeds under Rice-fallow condition 2016 – 2019

Dr.N.Punithavathi, Assoc. Prof. (SS&T)

Dr.K.Raja,  Assoc. Prof. (SS&T)

Dr.K.Krishnaveni, Professor (SS&T)


Sl.No. Project Title Duration Name of the Project leader
1. Nucleus seed production of long and medium duration rice varieties. 2012 – 2016

Dr.D.Sassikumar, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.S.Arulselvi, Asst. Prof.

Dr.M.Ummadevi, Asst. Prof.

Dr.K.Iyanar, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr. R. Pushpa, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

2. Development of high yielding long duration rice variety above
140 – 150 days superior to CR 1009 suitable for samba season.
2013 – 2016

Dr.R.Vithiyalingam, Professor

Dr.D.Sasikumar, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.R.Suresh, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

3. Generation of extra early rice breeding lines (80 – 90 days) suitable for water limited conditions 2013 –2016 Dr.R.Suresh, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)
4. Evolving strong culm short duration rice variety culture with high yield and acceptable grain quality. 2014 – 2017

Dr.M.Umadevi, Asst. Prof.

Dr.R.Pushpa, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

5. Exploitation of rice land races generation of breeding stocks for high amylase and micro nutrients.  2014 – 2017

Dr.M.Ummadevi, Asst. Prof.

Dr. R. Pushpa, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

6. Maintenance of germplasm types in rice.  2015 – 2017

Dr.D.Sasikumar, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.R.Pushpa, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

7. Development of medium duration rice with high potential, preferential grain quality and resistance to BLB suitable for irrigated ecosystem of Tamil Nadu.  2015 – 2017

Dr.D.Sasikumar, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.P.Akila Devi, Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)

8. Permanent Manurial Experiment in rice based cropping system.  2012 – 2017

Dr.K.Saravanan, Asst. Prof.

Dr.A.Bharani, Asst. Prof.

Dr.P.Balasubramanian, Professor

Dr.R.Natesan, Professor

Dr.C.Sharmila Rahale, Asst. Prof. (SS&AC)

9. Studies on the feasibility of sprinkler irrigation for rice cultivation in Cauvery Delta Zone.  2013 –2016 Dr..Senthil Kumar, Asst. Prof. (Agronomy)
10. Study on the effect of seed management techniques on seed quality evaluation of stored seeds of rice variety ADT 46.  2015 – 2018

Dr.K.Raja, Assoc. Prof. (SS&T)

Dr.K.Sasikala, Professor  (SS&T)

11. Study on a total package of primed rice seeds in protray method of seedlings and proper transplanting using a planter for Delta District. 2016 – 2019 Dr.K.Sasikala, Professor  (SS&T)
12. Management of major diseases of rice with new fungicides / bactericides.  2013 – 2016

Dr.K.Karunanithi, Professor  (Pl. Pathology)

Dr.K.Rajappan, Professor (Pl. Pathology)

13. Studying the role of methanotrophs for reducing the methane emission in transplanted rice ecosystem of Cauvery Delta Zone.. 2014 – 2017 Dr.M. Jeya Bharathi, Asst. Prof. (Agrl. Micro)