Partly/fully financed by the ICAR - On going (Continuous projects)

Sl.No. Project title Name of the experiment Duration Name  and designation of the scientist in charge
1. All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project (AICRIP) Evaluation of coordinated trials-20 trials Since 1969 Dr.D.Sassikumar, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.R.Suresh, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

2. AICRIP Evolution of cultures for CVRC Since 1969 Dr.S.Elamathi, Asst. Prof. (Agronomy)
Nutrient response trials on selected AVT-2 rice cultures under high and low input management. AVT 2-IME- Timely planting, Late planting
Development of package of practices for mechanized transplanting in rice
Refining package of practices for Wet- DSR methods
Long term studies on weed diversity in  mechanical transplanting, Wet-DSR and Dry-DSR
Technology to enhance the productivity of cultivars suitable for late planting situation
3. AICRIP Evaluation of rice entries against sheath blight, sheath rot and bacterial leaf blight diseases Since 1969 Dr. A. Ramanathan, Prof. (Pl. Pathology)
Management of location specific diseases
4. AICRIP Plant Hopper Screening Trial Since 1969 Dr. P. Anandhi,Asst. Prof. (Entomology.)
Plant Hopper Special Screening Trial
Leaf Folder Screening Trial
Stem Borer Screening Trial
Multiple Resistance Screening Trial
Insecticide Botanicals Evaluation Trials
Effect of Planting Dates on Pest incidence
Ecological Engineering for Planthoppers Management
Yield Loss Estimation Trial
Integrated Pest Management Special Trial
Influence of Establishment Methods on Pest incidence
Light Trap Collections
Pest Survey Reports
FLD on Validation of  integrated pest and disease management strategies for ADT 51 rice variety
5. All India Network Project (AINP) on Jute and Allied Fibres Nutrient management for mesta based cropping system Since 1986 Dr. M. Raju, Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy)
Integrated weed management in jute and mesta
Survey of weed incidence and its diversity in the different jute/mesta growing regions
Carbon and sulphur dynamics and hydro-physical characterization of soils in jute and mesta growing areas
Performance of new  roselle genotypes under different fertilizer management schedule
Comparative evaluation of mesta based cropping systems for higher productivity and  profitability
6. AINP  on  Jute and Allied Fibres Evaluation of mesta and sunnhemp segregating progenies and promising entries for fiber yield. Since 1986 Dr. R. Pushpa, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)
Evaluation of special traits of calyx and yield in roselle
7. All India Coordinated Research Project
Evaluation of Summer irrigated and Rice-fallow blackgram and greengram trials Since 2015 Dr.R.Manimaran, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)
Evolution of black gram and greengram cultures for Rice-fallow condition
8. AICRP on MULLaRP Fertility and weed management in Summer blackgram Since 2015 Dr. C. Umamageswari,
Assoc. Prof. (Agron)
Performance of Summer blackgram AVT- 2 genotypes under varied plant population for higher productivity
Efficacy of post emergence herbicides to manage weeds for higher productivity of Summer blackgram
Effect of foliar nutrition on  productivity of Summer blackgram
Land configuration and foliar spray of nutrients for yield maximization of greengram
Fertilizer dose, organic manure and biofertilizer for yield maximization of greengram and their effect on succeeding Rabi cereal/ oilseed crop
Conservation technology and weed management for Rice-fallow blackgram
9. AICRP on MULLaRP Evaluation of black gram  (IVT, AVT 1 and AVT 2) entries against major diseases under summer  irrigated, kharif  and rice-fallow  conditions Since 2018 Dr.R.Thilagavathi,
Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)
Evaluation of green gram (IVT, AVT 1 and AVT 2) entries against major diseases under summer  irrigated, kharif  and rice-fallow  conditions
Evaluation of fungicides for management of fungal foliar diseases of urdbean and mungbean

Under rice fallow and summer irrigated conditions

10. Consortia Research Platform (CRP) of ICAR Bio-fortification in selected crops for nutritional security – low phytate maize”  (TNAU Coimbatore centre) 2020-2025 Dr. A. John Joel


Dr. R. Ravi Kesavan

Externally funded projects other than ICAR - Ongoing

Sl.No. Source of fund Project title Period Name (s) of the PI/CO PI with designation
1. World Bank


TN-IAM Project  for Cauvery delta zone (Nagapattinam) -Phase I 2017- 2023 Dr. V.Ambethgar, Director,


Dr. M. Raju, Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy)

2. TN-IAM Project – Lower Coleroon sub basin – Phase II 2019-2023 Dr. V.Ambethgar, Director,


Dr. S. Elamathi, Asst. Prof. (Agronomy)

3. TN-IAM Project  for Marudaiyaru sub basin of Trichy region – Phase III 2020-2023 Dr. V.Ambethgar, Director,


Dr.R.Thilagavathi, Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)

4. GOI Earth Sciences Agro-Met Advisory Services, Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa Continuous projects Dr.K.Sathiya Bama Assoc. Prof. (SS&AC)
5. IMD-FASAL for Cauvery Delta Zone at TRRI,Aduthurai
6. GSH, Chiba University, JAPAN Measuring methane gas emission from paddy fields and mitigation – Phase II 2018- 2021


Dr. V.Ambethgar, Director,


Dr. M. Raju, Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy)

Dr. C. Umamageswari, Assoc. Prof. (Agron)

Dr. K. SathiyaBama, Assoc.Prof. (SS&AC)

7. NABARD Characterisation, purification  and export avenue creation for the therapeutic native land rice kavuni to the Tamil Nadu farmers” 2018-2021 Dr.D.Sassikumar, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)


Dr.R.Manimaran, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

New Delhi
Marker Assisted Pyramiding of Drought Yield QTLs into ADT 45, a popular rice cultivar of Tamil Nadu 2018-2021 Dr. R. Suresh, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)
9. IRRI-ICAR Advance breeding technologies to speed up genetic gain, create durable resistance to biotic stresses and increase Indian farmers and consumers food and nutritional security 2019-2020 Dr.D.Sassikumar, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)


Dr. R. Suresh, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

10. GOI, DBT “Mainstreaming rice landraces diversity in varietal development through genome-wide association studies: A model large-scale utilization of gene bank collections of rice” 2020-2025 Dr. A. John Joel, Professor (PB&G)


M. Raveendran

Dr.D. Sassikumar, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.R. Suresh, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr. R. Pushpam Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr. K. Krishna Srendar

Dr. S. Muthramu

11. BASF India Ltd., Dharward Karnataka Evaluation of bioefficacy and phytotoxicity of BAS 750 02F 400g / L SC against sheath blight (Rhizoctonia solani) and dirty panicle disease in rice. 2019-2020 Dr. A. Ramanathan, Prof. (Pl. Pathology)


Sl.No. Source of fund Project title Period Name (s) of the PI/CO PI with designation
1. SERB, New Delhi Bio-consortia of PGPRs from different growth stages of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) for the management of stem rot caused by Sclerotium rolfsii 2015 to 2018 Dr. R. Thilagavathi, Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology),
2. SERB, New Delhi Physiological evaluation of rice genotypes for multiple stress tolerance 2016- 2019 Dr.K.Vanitha, Asst. Prof.(SS&AC)



3. GOI-NADP Farmers’s Participatory demonstration of MGR 100 Rice in Tamil Nadu. 2016-2020 Dr. M. Raju, Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy)

Dr. N. Punithvathi, Assoc. Prof (SS&T)

4. GSH, Chiba University, Japan Measuring methane gas emission from paddy fields and mitigation – Phase I 2017- 2018 Dr. V. Ambethgar, Director


Dr.C.Umamageswari Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy)

5. TANII,Govt. of TN Establishment of Infrastructure to  develop nutritionally enhanced premium quality and stress  resilient rice varieties for Tamil Nadu.


2017-2019 Dr.D.Sassikumar, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.R.Manimaran, Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr. R. Suresh, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

Dr.R.Pushpa, Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

6. Rallis India Ltd,


Evaluation of Rallis fungicide pre-mixture, Taqat (Captan 70% + Hexaconazole 5% WP) against sheath rot, stem rot and sheath blight diseases and its phytotoxicity on rice 2016-2019 R. Thilagavathi, Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)