Ongoing Schemes

Sl.No. Project title Duration Name and designation of the Project Leader
1. Breeder seed production of short, medium and long duration rice varieties. 2017 –2020 Dr.D.Sassikumar,

Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)

2. Maintenance and production of nucleus seeds of TRRI released short duration varieties in seed chain. 2019 –2022
3. Development of medium duration rice with high yield potential, preferential  grain quality and  resistance to BLB  suitable for irrigated ecosystem of Tamil Nadu 2019- 2022
4. Development of high yielding non lodging, long duration (> 140 days) rice varieties suitable for samba season. 2017 –2022 Dr.R.Manimaran,

Asst. Prof. (PB&G)

5. Evaluation of high yielding MYMV resistance green gram varieties suitable for Rice fallow / Summer irrigated conditions in CDZ. 2017 –2022
6. Evolving short duration rice varieties / cultures with fine grain and resistance to blast, spot, plant hopper and bacterial leaf blight. 2017 – 2022 Dr.R.Suresh,

Asst. Prof. (PB&G)


7. Nucleus seed production of medium and long duration rice varieties of TRRI, Aduthurai. 2017 – 2022
8. Evolution of extra early rice varieties (100 days) suitable for direct seeding in water limited areas of Cauvery Delta Zone. 2017 – 2022
9. Development of breeding stocks in rice with preferable nutritional properties. 2017 – 2022 Dr.R.Pushpa,
Asst. Prof. (PB&G)
10. Evolving sunnhemp variety with high biomass suitable to Cauvery Delta Zone of Tamil Nadu. 2017 – 2020
11. Development of super fine short slumber rice variety with enhanced nutritional qualities. 2018 – 2021
12. Nitrogen management strategies for direct seeded rice in kuruvai and samba seasons. 2017-  2020 Dr.K.Sathiya Bama,

Assoc. Prof. (SS&AC)

13. Permanent manurial experiment in rice based cropping system. 2017- 2022
14. Evaluation of N utilization potential of prominent black gram varieties of TNAU 2019 -2021


Dr. R.K. Kaleeswari

Dr. S. Suresh

Dr. P. Kannan

Dr.R. Jagadeeswaran

Dr. K. Sathiya Bama


15. Multi nutrient foliar fertilization for irrigated green gram
16. Seed production in rice and pulses varieties 2020 -2020 Dr.N.Punithavathi,

Assoc. Prof. (SS&T)

17. Introduction of sesamum in Cauvery Delta Zone and to standardize the management techniques for improved productivity 2020 -2022
18. Rice mechanization for different soil types of Tamil Nadu for higher rice productivity and profitability 2019 -2021 Dr.S.Elamathi

Asst. Prof. (Agronomy)

Dr. C. Umamageswari,

Assoc. Prof. (Agronomy)

19. Ecology and management of newly emerging insect pest in rice ecosystem’. 2018 –2021 Dr. P. Anandhi,

Asst. Prof. (Entomology)


20. Studies on host plant resistance and management of blast, brown spot and BLB in rice under artificial and field conditions. 2019 -2022 Dr.A.Ramanathan,   Professor (Pl. Pathology)
21. New: Testing the effect of plant defense activators against sheath rot and sheath blight diseases of rice 2020 – 2020 Dr.R.Thilgavathi

Asst. Prof. (Pl. Pathology)


22. New: Exploring plant defense activators against YMD and powdery mildew diseases of blackgram 2020 – 2023