Crop Improvement

  • Recently released four paddy varieties viz., ADT 51, ADT 52, ADT 53 and ADT 54

ADT 51 is a long duration paddy variety released through SVRC during 2017

ADT 52 is a long duration paddy variety released for Maharashtra and Chattisgarh states through CVRC during 2018

ADT 53 is a short duration paddy variety released during 2019 through SVRC and

ADT 54 is a medium duration paddy variety with grain cooking quality equivalent to I.W.Ponni released during 2020 through SVRC.

  • Released a Black gram variety, ADT 6 during 2016 for rice fallow condition
  • Proposed a paddy culture viz., AD(Bio)09518 for State Variety Release during 2020.
  • A total of about 40 Quintals of breeder seeds in paddy were produced and supplied during last three years. Supplied nucleus seeds for 16 paddy varieties.
  • A total of 70 FLDs on rice fallow pulse production technologies were conducted during 2017-2020.