Milestone Achievements

Milestone Achievements


           This Research station was started as second Agricultural Research Station in the state during the year 1905 and functioned as Multi Crop Experiment Station from 1951 to 1988. It was brought under Tamil Nadu Agricultural University from 01.04.1981 and is functioning as Vegetable Research Station since 1989.

  • 1905       –  Established as second Agricultural Research Station in the state
  • 1905-1950        –  Groundnut Research Centre
  • 1951- 1988      –  Multi crop Experiment Station
  • 1988 – till date – Vegetable Research Station

This station was established to cater the needs of the farmers of the then South Arcot District. The station is located in Panruti taluk of Cuddalore district. Initially, the research activities were focused on groundnut for a period of 45 years and then on other crops for nearly 38 years. Since 1982, the station is functioning under TNAU and concentrating on research works in jackfruit and vegetables. So far, ten varieties have been released in various crops viz., Jackfruit (2), Brinjal (2), Snake gourd (2), Chilli (1), Amaranthus (1) and Bottle gourd (2). Besides this, high quality grafts of Jackfruit, Mango, Guava layers, vegetable seeds, various classes of paddy and pulses seeds are produced and distributed to the farmers.

S. No. Crop Variety Year of release
1. Brinjal PLR1 1990
2. Jackfruit PLR1 1992
3. Chillies PLR1 1994
4. Jackfruit PLR  2 2007
5. Snake gourd PLR1(SG) 2007
6. Brinjal PLR 2 (Br) 2008
7. Snake gourd PLR 2 (SG) 2009
8. Amaranthus PLR1 2013
9. Bottle gourd PLR1 2017
10. Bottle gourd PLR 2 2019