Ongoing Schemes

  • CPBG/PLR/PBG/BSP/ 2016/001 – Breeder seed production in Black gram
  • CPPS/PLR/NEM/VEG / 2018/001 -Management of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita in Brinjal
  • CPPS/PLR/NEM/VEG/ 2018/002- Survey and identification of nematode associated with vegetables in Cuddalore district
  • VCS Schemes
    1. P3V 60 AO- Production of Elite Plants and Quality Seeds of Horticultural Crops
    2. P3V 60 ER- Production of high yielding and quality jack grafted plants
    3. P3 V 60 AP -Production of Truthfully Labeled Seeds of Rice and Pulses