Integrated farming system

ICAR-All India Coordinated Research Project on Integrated Farming Systems (AICRP on IFS)

On-Farm Research Centre: Tapioca and Castor Research Station, TNAU, Yethapur, Salem

On-Farm Experiment-I

On Farm crop response to plant nutrients in Pre-dominant cropping systems    and their impact on crop-livestock-human continuum.


  • To assess the response   of major crops to nutrients   in predominant cropping systems in   different agro – climatic regions.
  • To estimate the impact of nutrient application levels on deficiency in crop – livestock – human Food chain

The major cropping sequence selected are Maize (Kharif) – Maize (Rabi) in Thalaivasal block and   Groundnut (Kharif) –  finger  millet (Rabi)  in  Mecheri  block.

On-Farm Experiment-II

Diversification of existing farming systems under marginal household conditions


  • To enhance the productivity and profitability of marginal farmers households through IFS approach
  • To improve the livelihood and nutritional security through diversification approach
  • To estimate the impact of capacity building in diversification of crop + livestock system

On-Farm Experiment-III

On-Farm Evaluation of Farming System Modules for improving profitability and Livelihood of small and marginal farmers


  • To address critical constraints of small and marginal farm holders for overall improvement of productivity
  • To increase the profitability of small and marginal households and ensure livelihood