Technologies Developed

Technologies Developed



  • Drip fertigation in Tapioca – Fertigation with 75% RDF at 100% CPE recorded maximum tuber yield of 35.40 t ha-1 with a starch content of 28.50%.
  • Weed management in Tapioca – Black polythene mulch records maximum tuber yield (29.50 t/ ha) and starch content (26.50%) with highest B:C ratio 5.7.
  • Standardization of low input technology for Tapioca – Green manuring (daincha) @50 kg/ha + RD of K + 50 % RD of NP + Azosprillium (5 kg/ha) + Phosphobacteria (5 kg/ha).


  • Castor intercropping with onion under irrigated condition – Ideal cropping system which records maximum B: C ratio of 3.53
  • Castor designer seed for improving yield under rainfed condition
  • Yield maximization in castor through improving pistillate flower production using ┬áplant growth regulator (PGR) consortia (Castor Gold)
  • Management of Botrytis grey mold of castor – Foliar application of carbendazim (0.1%) at 45 and 60 days after sowing is recommended.