Bachelor’s Energy and Environmental Engineering


B.Tech. (Energy and Environmental Engineering) was started in the year 2004 at Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Coimbatore, a constituent educational institution of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.  The global technological development has led to the need in introducing the new course B.Tech. (Energy and Environmental Engineering.


B.Tech. (EEE) is a premier degree programme, first of its kind in India.  It is a four-year full-time programme scheduled in eight semesters.  The course is designed to fulfil the rising problems of energy crisis, environmental problems and climate change issues through deeper knowledge in clean energy and waste management technologies with basic engineering concepts

Why this program?

Study Program

The subject knowledge acquired during the curriculum is very much relevant to the industrial application.  Also the practical exposure and hands on training during the B.Tech. (EEE) programme is matching with the industrial demand. 

The industrial internship is one of the major programmes of the students’ READY programme suggested by ICAR during the latest syllabus revision.  The internship contributes 50% of the READY programme and has direct influence in enhancing the exposure of the students towards real time field situation and industrial activities.  The internships also directly help in providing better employment opportunities to the graduates. 

The experiential learning programmes are aimed to provide better practical exposure to the students through hands-on experience.  The research work deals with the training the students in formulation and execution of any new or existing projects or field problems.  Educational tours expose the students on various activities being carried out in different institutions, industries and project fields in the areas related to renewable energy, energy auditing, pollution measurement and control, EIA etc.

Admission and Application

Interested in taking part in the Program of Bachelor’s Energy and Environmental Engineering? Find out more about the specific Admission requirements and the application procedures. If you doubt whether admission is possible, feel welcome to apply online. The Admission Committee will check your admissibility.

Future Career

Students are exposed to job market and placement through their contact established by the college with Alumni.  Exclusive Annual Alumni Meet is being conducted for effective interaction with the students for knowledge sharing on global opportunities and needs of the industry.   Every one out of three alumni got their first employment through their internship programme attended during the final year. 

The course content consists of subjects like renewable energy, energy auditing, environmental impact assessment, sustainability, and green engineering.  Based on the knowledge obtained through these courses and with hands on experience gained through industrial internship and experiential learning programmes, the some of the alumni have started their own energy and environmental consultation firms, which is helping in bridging the technical gap between the clients and the industry or government organization.

Moving to Master’s

The undergraduate students who have completed B.Tech. (Energy and Environmental Engineering) course has multi various options to do Masters.  There a plethora of opportunities in the domain of Sustainability Development, Health Safety and Environment, Renewable Energy, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Water management, the alumni have completed post-graduation from IITs, IIMs, premier Business schools and from international universities of USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Student Experiences

(Energy and Environmental Engineering), 2019 Batch Student

Energy and Environmental Engineering program is a huge bundle of knowledge where it covers various field like renewable energy (solar power & wind power), sustainable development, solid waste management, wastewater and also public health engineering which is more important for sustainable living. In this course we attend an internship for 2 to 3 months in our final year in premier industries / companies / organisations all over India and mostly get placed in those companies. Placements are also conducted, and students get placed in top companies of India.  I am happy that, I have been placed in Aditya Birla group of companies which is a global conglomerate company.

B .Tech (Energy and Environmental Engineering), 2019 Batch Student

Energy and Environmental Engineering is a multidisciplinary course where it deals with the study and application of science, technology, materials and process. The theme of the course speaks about the development of sustainable future. The course focuses and addresses the global challenges and has its own specific subjects  and practical learning of Emerging alternate energy and environmental conservation technologies, Energy Auditing, Waste water treatments, Air and water pollution control and Solid waste management systems and Environmental Laws, Life Cycle Assessments, Sustainable designing and Green Engineering.

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