About Our Dean

Dr. N. Muthukrishnan, Ph.D., PDF (Canada) is a well recognized Professor in the faculty of Entomology in India. He has completed B.Sc. (Agriculture), M.Sc. (Agriculture) and Ph.D. in Entomology in TNAU. He has completed Post Doctoral research work under The Rockefeller Foundation, USA’s Post Doctoral Research Fellowship in the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada on B.t. transgenic rice.

He is a popular Entomology teacher and has been teaching entomology courses to undergraduate students of B.Sc. (Agriculture), B.Sc. (Horticulture) and B.Sc. (Home Science), and M.Sc. (Ag.) and Ph.D. Entomology students for 30 years through modern education technologies. He is the recipient of two times Best Teacher Award during 2012 and 2019. He has published two text books viz., “Basic Entomology” and “Pests of Horticultural Crops and their Management”, and co-authored in many other text books. He has guided 15 M.Sc. (Ag.) and 10 Ph.D. Entomology students.

He has been involved in research for 32 years. Recently Govt. of Tamil Nadu has sanctioned one R&D Project for the management of Maize Fall Armyworm to a value of 453.27 Lakhs. Dr. N. Muthukrishnan is the Principal Investigator and Nodal Scientist in this scheme. He has rich research experience in Fall armyworm, coconut Rugose spiralling whiteflies, cassava mealybugs, Biological control, IPM, newer insecticide molecules and Ecological Engineering concepts for the management of pests of cotton, rice, pulses, chillies, okra, tomato, brinjal, grapes, acid lime and sapota. He had completed 30 numbers of DBT-BCIL, DBT and private agency sponsored projects to a 356.0 lakhs. TNAU-Syngenta MoU mode research project on Basic and applied research with newer insecticide, fungicide, nematicide, herbicide and plant growth stimulant molecules on agricultural and horticultural crops to a value of Rs. 134.61 lakhs. He has developed TNAU FAW Management Technology Capsule incorporating all the IPM components from seed to harvest which was widely adopted by the Tamil Nadu Maize farmers. He has visited a number of research institutes in India, Canada, USA, Thailand, Italy and Myanmar.

He is a recognized extension entomologist and establishing viable triangulation linkages with stakeholders like Government personnel, NGOs, Private Industries and farming community to disseminate pest management technologies through modern extension methods. He has organized several education campaigns, participatory seminars, and capacity building training programmes sponsored by MANAGE Hyderabad, National Horticultural Research Foundation, Nashik, NHB, IAMWARM and NADP to farmers and extension functionaries.

He has organized 4 brainstorming sessions for TNAU scientists and extension officials on FAW; 10 one day workshops on FAW to maize farmers and other stakeholders; 423 FAW diagnostic field visits; 120 demonstrations of FAW Technology Capsule in farmers holdings; and dissemination of knowledge on invasive FAW and adhoc management technology capsule through 465 awareness programmes, 26 Kisan Melas in Tamil Nadu. A total of 42670 farmers, 2720 input dealers and 2350 extension officials

He was recognized as Best Researcher, bagged TNAU Recognization Award for obtaining external funded schemes, and recipient of Award of Excellence for the outstanding contribution in FAW research and extension services.

Professor of Entomology &  Dean i/c