M.Sc. (Ag.) in Genetics and Plant Breeding


A master’s degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding is a two-year postgraduate study in agriculture. Genetics and Plant Breeding a relatively new and rapidly growing field of contemporary biology. The art and science of modifying plant features to create desirable qualities and, as a result, increase the quality of nutrition in human and animal products are covered in the curriculum. Aspirants will largely learn technical techniques for improving varieties and genetic stocks, changing the genetic make-up of plants and developing novel breeding strategies to increase food, feed, and fibre production.

Why this programme?

Study Programme

The Masters programme in Genetics and Plant Breeding has been designed following the ICAR guidelines. The course imparts:

More details on the list of courses and research work experience to be gained is listed here.

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Sl. No.

Course No.


Credit hours

Major Courses


GPB 501

Principles of Genetics



GPB 502

Principles of Cytogenetics




Fundamentals of Quantitative Genetics



GPB 505

Principles of Plant Breeding




Molecular Breeding and Bioinformatics




Crop Breeding-I (Kharif crops)




Crop Breeding-II (Rabi crops)


Minor Courses


GPB 518

Genetic enhancement for PGR utilisation



BIC 501

Plant Biochemistry



PLP 502

Principles of Plant Physiology-II Metabolic processes and growth regulation


Supporting Courses


STA 501

Applied Statistical Methods




Experimental Designs


Compulsory Non-credit  Courses


PGS 501

Library and Information Services



PGS 502

Technical writing and communication skills



PGS 503

Intellectual property and its management in agriculture



PGS 505

Agricultural Research, Research Ethics and Rural Development Programmes



PGS 504

Basic concepts  in laboratory techniques


Colleges offering

The master programme in M.Sc. (Ag.) in Genetics and Plant Breeding is offered by Coimbatore, Madurai, Killikulam and Trichy campus

Application and Admission

Interested in taking part in the program of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering? Find out more about the specific Admission requirements and the application procedures from our official website. If you doubt whether admission is possible, feel welcome to apply online. The Admission Committee will check your admissibility.

Future Career

After completing their MSc in Genetics and Plant Breeding, students can pursue a PhD.

The seed business, crop research directories, crop plantation facilities, plant breeding centres, nurseries, agriculture ministries, genetic engineering firms, research laboratories, biotechnology corporations, and other employers hire M.Sc in Genetics and Plant Breeding graduates.

Master’s in Genetics and Plant Breeding course

Master Courses
After admission the students undergo a set of courses that help them understand the basics of Genetics and Plant Breeding as per the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with a total credit load of 55 credits, of which 20 credits are exclusively earmarked for their Thesis Research.

Master’s thesis research
After completing the courses in the first year, the students start their thesis research. Each student is assigned to an experienced faculty, approved by the Dean of School of Post-Graduate Studies, who would guide the student on his/ her choice of research topic

Research internship
The students are exposed to several scientific events like symposia and conferences. Many are encouraged to have internship training at other institutes for a couple of months, either in India or abroad.

Student Experiences

I, Fathima Sinana H, doing my masters programme in Genetics and Plant Breeding at CPBG, TNAU.  I feel glad and thankful to have the opportunity to study in this prestigious university.  TNAU has provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself academically & personally.

 I have learnt many things and have greatly improved my knowledge.  I like the faculty as they have taught me and sculpted my knowledge.  My teachers were very helpful in doing my research work.  I’m currently doing my research work on ‘Genetic diversity analysis in maize’.  My future plan is to pursue doctoral programme in this university.

I am really proud to be a part of Genetics and Plant Breeding family and also I had the opportunity to work in such a 110 year old and heritage rich research station the Paddy breeding station, Coimbatore.

Working there are the day I can’t forget, our research experience and knowledge of the professors are marvellous. In 1 year of research work will not be able to learn everything from them, but I learned as much as possible as I could. The research facilities in 110 year old Paddy Breeding Station are well developed for carrying out most of the research activities for Molecular and field related works.

We attend the course work is online, but even though our professors through video they showing.  Field activities like crossing techniques and lab experiments for applying Ph.D. the knowledge gained during M.Sc. was very useful especially for clearing ICAR – SRF examination and apply for Foreign Ph.D., the technical knowledge I gained during M.Sc. for place in private seed companies.

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