Ph.D. in Agricultural Meteorology


Weather is an important earth phenomenon that, depending on its magnitude, either helps or destroys living things. Weather has a significant impact on productivity in agriculture, directly contributing 50% by favouring growth and indirectly contributing 30% by changing the dynamics of pests and diseases. Agricultural meteorology is an application branch of meteorology that includes meteorology, agronomy, physiology, environmental science, plant protection, and Crop response to individual weather parameters differs greatly from crop response to combinations of multiple weather parameters, and a clear understanding is required to maximize the crop growth and yield. Advances in Microclimate, weather forecasting, crop weather modelling, and climate change research are taught in this Doctoral programme of Agricultural Meteorology.

Why this programme?

To strengthen the agricultural meteorology education in the State of Tamil Nadu and to provide manpower to the national and international meteorological organizations.

Study Programme

The Ph.D programme in Plant Biotechnology has been designed following the UGC guidelines. The course imparts:

More details on the list of courses and research work experience to be gained is listed here.

Application and Admission

Interested in taking part in the Doctoral programme of Agricultural Meteorology? Find out more about the specific Admission requirements and the application procedures. If you doubt whether admission is possible, feel welcome to apply online. The Admission Committee will check your admissibility.

Future Career

Requirement for the TNAU’s Master’s in Agricultural Meteorology are high in agriculture and energy industries. Few examples are

Ph.D Course in Agricultural Meteorology

Ph.D Courses

After admission the students undergo a set of courses that help them understand the basics of Molecular Biology as per the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with a total credit load of 55 credits, of which 20 credits are exclusively earmarked for their Thesis Research.

Ph.D thesis research

After completing the courses in the first year, the students start their thesis research. Each student is assigned to an experienced faculty, approved by the Dean of School of Post-Graduate Studies, who would guide the student on his/ her choice of research topic

Research internship

The students are exposed to several scientific events like symposia and conferences. Many are encouraged to have internship training at other institutes for a couple of months, either in India or abroad.

Student Experiences

I am glad to provide my feedback about the department. Our department ACRC has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. The emphasis with education always helped me a lot. I have always found a positive and healthy environment and the teachers are highly supportive. Moreover, the course curriculum structure is based upon the current trends to help the students acquire full knowledge of the present happening around the globe. The department have improved me a lot and start to look towards taking on harder tasks for the future to achieve more self-development. Facilities given by the department like instruments, system facilities for modelling are very useful. In addition, the department is providing amazing Research facilities and exemplary guidance. Faculties are continuously encouraging for betterment of our carrier. The staff members are encouraging us to write articles and book chapters. My overall experience upto date has been remarkable.

Ph.D. Scholar,

Agro Climate Research Centre,

TNAU, Coimbatore.

ACRC does contemporary research in the fields of agrometeorology and climate change. The ACRC’s facilities are on par with those of leading research institutions, and it has high-performance computing resources for weather and climate prediction. In addition to that, a specialised scientific community is working to foster weather and climate services for farmers.

Cuba. P

Designation: Associate scientist,

International Crop Research Institute for semi arid tropics

Patancheru, Hyderabad, Telangana -502324

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