B.Tech. (Biotechnology)


A skilled human resource and state of the art infrastructure are critical to meet the needs of the growing biotechnology sector. On the principles of skilled workforce and building the knowledge base for taking science to society, and ensuring educational curriculum aligned to prepare students as per industry demands, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University offers B.Tech (Biotechnology) program through strengthened state of art infrastructure and motivational academic atmosphere.  B.Tech (Biotechnology), a quality education programme at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University suits well for research, innovation and entrepreneurial based career goals in various fields of biotechnology and allied sciences. The students are educated in both theory and practicals, with a view to keep them abreast of the Global advances in Biotechnology.

Study Program

Biotechnology globally recognized as a rapidly emerging “technology of hope” for its applications in agriculture, health, industrial and environmental sustainability.

 The Programme is facilitated by the well-trained faculty from the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The Centre has state of – the – art Laboratory and greenhouse facilities, well stocked digital libraries, e-Classrooms and Wi-Fi facility for on line retrieval of information.  The syllabus for B.Tech (Biotechnology) course is well designed and considering the requirements of the students for higher studies and placement at biotechnology research laboratories, agricultural industries, Pharma and Bioinformatics industries and supporting sectors. The programme includes problem based and independent learning model and assignments, student READY programmes that include experiential learning and Biotechnology work experience (Internship) is designed for 90 days in reputed national and International institutes and industries. Also students take up Institutional and Industrial Education Tour to gain Knowledge on Research and development activities of leading National and International institutes and industries. This program ensures wider outreach of hands-on training in biotechnology programmes for students

Why this program?

Biotechnology is considered as one of the sunrise sectors for accelerating industrial growth in the country so as to enable us to compete with the world biotech markets.

Offering world class education in biotechnology with hands on training for research and innovative ideas.

Admission and Application

Interested in taking part in the programme of Biotechnology? Find out more about the specific Admission requirements and the application procedures. If you doubt whether admission is possible, feel welcome to apply online. The Admission Committee will check your admissibility.

Future Career

Graduates can be employed as research scientist or trainees at leading biotechnology firms and Graduates can also be a Job Providers rather than Job Seekers by venturing into business start – ups and starting their own companies. They also get job in the diverse fields as Assistant Professors, Patent Investigators and Banking personnel. It motivates and support start-up and entrepreneurial base in biotech and allied sectors

Moving to Master’s

Opportunities for the B.Tech (Biotechnology) graduates in higher education is always demanding as  the course is crafted to focus more on students who can pursuit academic excellence in various spheres of biotechnology. Biotechnology course basically being a platform technology and inter-disciplinary in nature with diversified syllabi, students can choose to study various allied courses of specialization for their masters in India or Abroad.

Student Experiences

This programme has given me the valuable hands–on experience in basic Molecular Biology Techniques and genetic engineering strategies. Biotechnology work experience and All India Tour program have exposed me to the best research activities in leading Biotech labs in India. 

Rakshana. P
(2013-2017 Batch)

The four year B.Tech (Biotechnology) degree program was framed with a curriculum including an array of basic and advanced subjects. This has greatly helped in carrying out master’s research. The alumni connections have greatly helped me get in contact with experts in subject to explore opportunities and discuss science. The hands-on lab exposure, practical sessions and projects have aided me in understanding the basics and Knick-Knacks in biotechnology.
Madiha Natchi. S.S
(2016-2020 Batch)

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