Dean’s Desk

Message from Dean’s Desk

The basic purpose of education is not just imparting knowledge as generally perceived but also to make the students, to understand and discover themselves, realize their potential and find that skills / hobby that they love the most which they are passionate about and would like to pursue their career in. The trained student from a University education system should be in a position to look at it from all possible perspectives and reach a logical conclusion. This is the training that needs to be given to the students. Various dimensions in which University students are expected to excel include innovative thinking, logical & analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, trustworthiness, environment & energy consciousness, social responsibility, ethics & moral values – and while at it, gaining an overall development of mind, body, and intellect. Agricultural College and Research Institute, Coimbatore, TNAU has been established with a purpose and commitment of training the students to develop these very skills. There is no compromise on the quality of education and facilities provided on the campus as we embrace modern technologies with open arms. TNAU, Coimbatore campus is teeming with opportunities created for extra- and co-curricular activities along with excellence in academic performance. My dear student, whatever may be your past academic performance, plus or minus, you feel fresh now as today’s bloom in our campus greenery and you start afresh your academics in this distinguished University. You have brand new four years before you to attain higher and achieve whatever you want in academics. My dear student, by opting to study at AC & RI, TNAU, Coimbatore, you are investing your time, effort, and money in an education that will help you build a meaningful and successful future. TNAU continues in a spirit of innovation, educating the pioneers of tomorrow with cutting edge education and research developments of today. Our research focus directly influences our teaching, ensuring you have access to the latest innovations in your area of interest. As a student at TNAU, you will be joining a vibrant community of like-minded intellectuals, with a chance of working on life-changing project yourself in the coming years. Welcome aboard to this enthralling place of learning called TNAU. N. Venkatesa Palanichamy Dean (Under Graduations) Agricultural College and Research Institute TNAU, Coimbatore

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