Bachelors Agribusiness Management Program


Agriculture has predominantly transformed with multidimensional changes in the environment. Population explosion, rural migration, and literacy have resulted in a new generation of consumers with changing preferences for all products. Agribusiness management is emerging as a new beacon to address the challenges in agriculture and industry. The proliferation of agribusiness sectors is a new fortune for the economic growth of a nation and attracts unique talents. The demand for vibrant human capital with a blend of agriculture and management is arising day by day. The degree programme in agribusiness management inculcates the necessary cognitive knowledge, and managerial skills and shapes the personality of young professionals for the growing needs of the agribusiness sectors.

Why this program?

Study Program

Four-year programme with a well-designed curriculum in current concepts and inimitable faculty serves as a  substratum for the growth of young agribusiness professionals. Case studies, internships, live projects, industry interactions,  agribusiness fests, etc expose the young buds to real industry scenarios.

Admission and Application

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Student Experiences

I learnt agriculture and business management. Now I am ready to be part of a corporate in agribusiness

– Sivavishnu Student

Future Career

Greater scope for high profile jobs in national and international Corporates. In addition, 

Follow-on Master’s Programmes

The bachelor’s program gives admissions to a number of Masters’s programme. Masters in Agribusiness Management in TNAU, Postgraduate Diploma in Agribusiness Management in business schools particularly VAMNICOM, IIMs, MANAGE, NAARM, IRMA etc. Read more about the follow on Master’s programmes.

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