About College Library

Agricultural College and Research Institute Killikulam, Library is functioning with the objective of motivating agricultural students and scientists in e resources available online, and other services related to library in the campus in separate building with 15370 text and reference books, journals of National (17 Nos.), 948 bound back volumes and 251 thesis, repute with remote access e resources facilities and Video/CD library are accommodated. Library timing is 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, during this timings student and scientists are readers’ population, allowing books lending to home reading for 14 days. Reprographic service is also available for students use.

Computerizing the books, journals, thesis and educational CDs in the library software, Books transactions from computerized system used by Library software system, Classification and cataloguing of the new arrival of books, arrangement of books and journals in their respective shelves and technical support in catalogue entries in the library software.

Importance of Library

  • Treasure House of Knowledge
  • Heart of Institution
  • Nerve centre of organisation
  • Mind of the Society
  • House of Wisdom


  • The curriculum needs of the students
  • The research needs of the post-graduates
  • The teaching and research needs of the staff
  • The requirements of any new future educational programmes and
  • The information needs of extension workers and farmers

Five laws of Library

  • Books are for use
  • Every reader has his/her book
  • Every book has its reader
  • Save the time of the reader
  • Library is a growing organism

Online public access catalogue

The OPAC search form allows searching by any combination of author, title, subject/ keyword, date or format. The system has a word-based search facility using Boolean operators that can narrow down a search to meet very specific needs. Members can find the materials checked out to them as well as reserve materials that are currently in circulation.

Digitization of resources

The library is being digitized for  learning which will enable students and staff members   to access valuable research and study materials from anywhere across the globe.

E Resources

  • E books
  • E Journals (CeRA)
  • E Thesis
  • Krishikosh
  • Krishiprabha
  • Delnet
  • Commodity India
  • India Stat

Reference services

The reference collection in the library includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, periodicals etc.  This section helps the readers to know  various technicalities of the library, make available required documents and provide quick answers to certain information required by the readers.

Photocopying Services








The photocopying services are available to the users on the prescribed charges.