Health Management Wing

Health Management Wing

Mr. M. Marruthachalam








The Health Management wing works to maintain health and hygiene of the campus. The regular activities include.

Sanitation wing Sanitation and Hygiene

  • TNAU strives to maintain a clean and healthy campus both for students and faculty.
  • By adopting various government recommendations
  • Special measures has been carried out during COVID 19

Sanitation Activities

  • Application of Sodium hypochlorite / Lysol – indoor and spraying of calcium hypochlorite 1%  –  out door

Fogging and Spraying  of house hold pesticides

  • Fogging of mosquito repellent chemical – natural Pyrethrin also effective against  fliesbiting flies,
  • Spraying of house hold pesticide for the control of dengue causing mosquito Aedes aegypti


  • Automatic scrubber drier machine used for floor cleaning purpose

Weed Control

  • Adoption of common weed control measures in TNAU campus surroundings

Segregation of degradable waste and dumping for composting

  • Waste around the campus on regular basis are collected and segregated
  • Fresh leaves waste is vermicomposted and applied to fields
  • Biohazard waste collection and disposal is done as per government guidelines/ government approved agencies