Social Service League (SSL)

Social Service League

Students’ club is one of the prestigious activities in the Agricultural College and Research Institute, Coimbatore since 1911. Social Service League (SSL) is an important part of the club activity and which serves for others rather all other club activities are meant for bringing out the extra-curricular talent among the students. The SSL was started during 1954 in the erstwhile long block to educate the poor labours in and around the campus. The undergraduate students of the college would extend their helping hands for this noble cause. After few years, the children of labours also came along with them and study their home works due to the lack of studying environment in their home. Later on, the labours withdrawn and their children became regular. During 1970s onwards, the poor children in quarters, nearby locations such as Poosaripalayam, Seeranaicken palayam, Lawley road, etc. are regularly coming to the classes and enriching their education. During 1988, another branch at Telungupalayam village was also established. Initially, only the boys of the college are engaging themselves in the noble cause, but during 2005 onwards, girls also involving in the teaching activities. About 250 students are benefitting through the SSL. About 80 college students are involving in teaching activities in this self disciplined organization.

Secretary: Mr. V. Nithishkumar
Staff Associates: Dr. K.M. Sellamuthu, Dr. K. Sivasubramanian


Teaching to the poor: Main purpose of the SSL is to teach the poor school children. Monday through Saturday, evening 5.30 to 8.00 pm, the college students act as teachers after having structured time table and teach the students of Std. I to XII.

Prayer: About 15-20 minutes of end of the day, all class students are gathered and prayer will be conducted. In the prayer, students are asked to read the daily news, tables, quotes, Thirukural, etc.

District level Quiz completion: To have better completion ability of the SSL students with the others, the District level quiz competition is being conducted since 1995. About 300 students of various school students are being participating in it.

Educational tour: The SSL students are taken to one day educational tour every year to nearby education locations for better understanding.

Celebration of national days: Independence day, Republic day, Childrens’ day, Science day, etc. are being celebrated in the SSL to respect the national leaders and enhance the patriotism. Annual day also being celebrated at the end of the year.

SSL Alumni association: An association was started during 2013 and supporting to all the activities of SSL and helping the bright poor students financially on need base.

Many students studied in the SSL are now in good position as Agricultural Scientists,Engineers, Teachers and other professions. Our Respected Vice-Chancellor Kumar, former Vice-Chancellor Dr. P. Murugesa Boopathi and 1000s of students of the campus had served and contributed to the development of the organization.