Student Club

To bring out the students inner talents and to develop organizing and leadership quality, a student club is functioning with various societies which are guided by staff adviser and staff associates. These societies conduct different cultural and sports events across the year. These activities train the students in various skills and make them competitive to face the external world. Active participation in club activities imparts leadership quality, organizing skills and team spirit. To improve the students’ employability and career skills, personality development and soft skill development programmes are regularly conducted in the campus with the view of enhancing the personality as well as the soft skills ability of the students. The cultural centre or various societies of students’ club of this college, inter connects the students with different geographical,  societal, cultural and language barriers, particularly from north and north eastern states to overcome their cultural shock, loneliness, academic stress, as well as other worries. The Cultural programmes and sports activities help students to connect with local students to ease some of their initial concerns and help domestic students gain valuable other cultural experience on the campus. They mingle together to participate in one-on-one and group activities throughout the semester. These activities benefit the students in learning about other states, cultures, values and traditions and ultimately, contribute to cultural sharing and exchange throughout the UG programme.

Students’ club and societies

Student club is functioning with various societies guided by students and staff associates.  Through students club, the cultural events viz., Muthamizhvizha, Kondattam (Intra-College Cultural, Literary & Fine Arts Events) and Sports day are conducted every year. The students themselves organise the programmes to showcase their talents. Various societies formed under the students club are as detailed below.

  1. Dramatic Society
  2. Debating Society (Tamil & English)
  3. Fine arts, Music, Short film & Photographic Society
  4. Tamil IllakiaMandram
  5. Hiking Society
  6. Planning Forum & Placement cell
  7. National Service League
  8. FORTAG –Souvenir 
  9. Agri – Horti Society 
  10. Alumini Association 

Sports and games societies

  1. Foot Ball
  2. Volley Ball
  3. Cricket
  4. Shuttle Badminton
  5. Athletics
  6. Ball Badminton
  7. Indoor Games
  8. Kabbadi
  9. Kho-Kho
  10. Basket Ball