Student Strength

Degee Men Women Total
UG 420 899 1319
PG 155 311 466
Ph.D 110 157 267
Total 685 1367 2052

Fourteen foreign students from Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kenya, Africa, are residing in the hostels.

The accommodation details for the students are furnished below:

S.No. Name of the Hostels Students
1. Tamizhagam Hostel I, II PG and I Ph.D. (Girls)
2. PPC Women’s Hostel II PG, II &III Ph.D. (Girls)
3. C.Subramaniam Hostel I UG (Girls)
4. Noyyal Hostel II, III, IV UG (Girls)
5. PG Hostel II PG, I, II & III Ph.D (Boys)
6. Redfort Hostel I PG & I Ph.D. (Boys)
7. Ganga Hostel I UG (Boys)
8. Kaveri Hostel IV UG (Boys)
9. Vaigai Hostel III & IV UG (Boys)
10. Mother Teresa Hostel III & II UG (Boys)
11. International Hostel PG & Ph.D. family students
12. PG Quarters PG student with family
13. VP Quarters Foreign student with family
14. Norman Borlaug International Hostel Foreign students

Hostel Management Committee

The Hostel Management Committee, an apex body of the hostel administration with Dean (Students Welfare) as chairman. The administrative and policy matters pertaining to hostels were approved by committee and also take important decisions and guidelines on various issues of the hostels.

Hostel Administration

The activities of the hostels are being attended by the Warden regularly who is in turn supported by eight Deputy Wardens, Residential Tutors, Hostel Prefects and Stewards. Every one of them has been assigned with specific work for the effective and efficient functioning of hostels.

1. Dr. T. Raguchander


Dean(Student Welfare) & Chief Warden
Chief Warden


Professor (Plant Pathology) Dean (CSW)
2. Dr.K.N. Ganesan


Warden Professor (Plant Br. and Genetics) Warden
3. Dr. R. Mahendiran

Associate Professor

Deputy Warden


Dept. of


Ganga, Kaveri boys hostel
4. Dr. P. Vetrivelkalai

Assistant Professor

Deputy Warden


Dept. of

Fruit Crops

Mother Theresa, Vaigai boys hostel
5. Dr.K.Senguttuvan,

Assistant Professor

Deputy Warden

(Store )

Dept. of Cotton P.G. boys hostel
6. Dr. G. Thiyagarajan

Assistant Professor

Deputy Warden

(Student’s Cafeteria)

Water Technology Centre Red fort boys hostel
7. Dr. A. Vidhyavathi,

Associate Professor

Deputy Warden

(Women Hostel)

Dept. of Agricultural Economics Noyyal

girls hostel

8. Dr. K. Hemaprabha

Assistant Professor

Deputy Warden

(Women Hostel)

Dept. of Floriculture & Landscaping C.S. girls hostel
9. Dr. S.Sridevy

Assistant Professor

Deputy Warden

(Women Hostel)

Dept. of Physical Science & IT


PPC girls hostel
10. Dr. D. Kavithamani

Assistant Professor

Deputy Warden


Dept. of Millet Tamizhgam girls hostel

The following SRF / RA /TA are served as Residential Tutor.

S. No Name Name of the Hostel
1 Mr. J. Alfred Daniel PG Hostel
2 Mr. V. Ramamoorthy PG Hostel
3 Mr. P. Thangachamy Red Fort Hostel
4 Mr. P. Kumaresan Red Fort Hostel
5 Mr. G.R. Mugilan Kaveri Hostel
6 Mr. G. Rajadurai Kaveri Hostel
7 Dr. M. Rajasekar Ganga Hostel
8 Dr. R. Premkumar Ganga Hostel
9 Mr. M. Muthukumar Mother Theresa Hostel
10 Mr. N. Ashok Kumar New International Hostel
11 Mr. K.R. Manikandan Vaigai Hostel
12. Mrs. M. Ananthi PPC Hostel
13. Ms. R. Sharmila Tamizhagam Hostel
14. Ms. M. Leela Noyyal Hostel
15. Ms. J.N. Prithiva Noyyal Hostel
16 Ms. B. Krishna- kumare C. Subramaniam Hostel
17 Ms. A. Dharanipriya C. Subramaniam Hostel
18 Ms. P. Parameshwari C. Subramaniam Hostel

The following Doctoral students are acting as Hostel Prefects in the respective hostels

1. Ms. D. Senthamil Selvi,

Ph.D. in Agrl. Microbiology



2. Ms. M. Saranya,

Ph.D. in Agrl. Entomology



3. Ms. V. Rajeswari,

Ph.D. in Crop Physiology



4. Ms. N. Naveena,

Ph.D. in Floriculture & Landscaping



5. Ms. V. Divya Bharathi,

Ph.D. Vegetable Science


PPC Hostel

6. Ms. R. Mangaiyarkarasi

Ph.D. in Flori. and Landscape Architecture

C.S. Hostel
7. Ms. G. Ragavi,

Ph.D. in Plant Pathology

C.S. Hostel

The above team members are monitoring and supervising all the day to day activities of the students Hostels.

Functioning of Messes

There is one centralized kitchen cum dining hall for ladies students, two modernized kitchen for gents’ students. In all the hostels both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foods are being served. Dividing system is being followed mess run by the students and monitored by the Wardens.

All the messes / dinning halls in the hostels are fully equipped with water purifiers, steam cooking system, steam plate washing systems and invertors for uninterrupted power supply. In addition to the above, FM radio/ music systems and coffee makers have also been provided at dining halls.

Students Cafeteria

The Student’s Cafeteria facility is available for both boys and girls near play ground. All the essential requirements including stationeries are being supplied to the students. The edible items at a low cost are being supplied for the benefit of the students.


Each hostel is provided with a Reading Room, study room and a TV hall with LED TV with DTH facility. Guest room facilities are made available for the visitors / parents of the students. Based on the availability, the guest rooms are being provided to the student participants who are visiting the main campus, trainings seminars, workshops and other university functions etc.

The hostel administration has arranged facilities like photo copying, dry cleaning, saloon for men and parlour for women, cell phone recharge centre, two wheeler/cycle repairing centre and footwear repairing shop on “service rent” basis for the benefit of students.

Emergency Vehicle

A Maruti Omni Van and Maruti Ambulance (24 x 7) are available with hostel office and is being used as Emergency Vehicle to attend the sick students. A mobile phone is provided to the driver to contact him during emergency hours. One Bolero Maxi Truck and one Mini Auto is also available for transporting the materials to the students hostels.

Boys Hostel

Mother Theresa
P.G. Hostel

Girls Hostel

C. Subramanaiam
PPC Hostel
Noyyal Hostel

Family Hostel

New International Hostel
Normen Borlaug International Hostel
V.P. Quarters