Dept. of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

Externally Funded Projects - Ongoing

S.No. Name of the Project Year
1. ICAR-ESA –Vibration Studies of Mini Tractor with Attachments 2019
2. ICAR-ESA – Studies on Ergonomic Interventions in Semi-Automatic Vegetable Transplanter 2019
3. ICAR-ESA – Studies on Ergonomic Interventions in Self-Propelled Auger Digger Suitable to Women Farmers 2019
4. Development and Evaluation of Self- Propelled Groundnut Combine 2017
5. ICAR – Development of Unmanned Automated Coconut Harvesting Device 2019
6. GOI – DST  Feasibility Study on Development of Sensor Based Precision Fertilizer Application Device for Paddy 2019

Externally Funded Projects -Completed

S.No. Name of the Project Year
1. Development of Transplanter and Weeder for SRI Method of Rice Cultivation Including Nursery Raising System 2010
2. Development of an Automated Medium Filling and Sowing Machine for Portray 2010
3. Development of Aerial Access Hoist for Coconut and Tall Tree Crop Management 2010
4. Design and Development of Dehusker Suitable for Fresh Arecanut 2010
5. Development of an Automatic Nursery Tray Seeder for SRI 2013
6. Power Weeder for Weeding on Ridges and Furrows 2013
7. Design and Development of Tractor Operated Fertilizer Dibbler for Ratoon Sugarcane 2013
8. Development of Tractor Operated Cassava Harvester 2013
9. Design and Development of Tractor Operated Sugarcane Harvester 2015
10. Design and Development of  Tractor Operated Planter for Turmeric Rhizomes 2015
11. Studies on Ergonomic Interventions in Hand Tools for Selected Activities in Grape Cultivation In Tamil Nadu 2019

Dept. of Food Process Engineering

I. University Research Project

Ongoing – Nil

II. University Core Project

Ongoing Schemes

S. No. Scheme P.I.
1 Developing a non thermal ultrasonic process technology for enhancing the shelf life of coconut milk Dr.D.Amirtham
2 RF drying of carrot Dr. P. Rajkumar


Ongoing Sub-project

S. No. Scheme P.I. Co P.I.
1 Controlled Atmosphere Storage for selected pulses Dr. P. Rajkumar Dr. S. Ganapathy
2 Design and Development of turmeric processor using super heated steam for simultaneous boiling, drying and polishing Dr. S. Ganapathy Dr. M. Balakrishnan
3 Development of a portable non – destructive device to grade banana based on dielectric properties Dr. IP. Sudagar Dr. S. Ganapathy
4 Design of On Farm Ventilation Storage system for Potato Dr. R. Arulmari Dr. S. Ganapathy
Dr. P. Raja
5 Operational research project on Agro processing complex Dr. IP. Sudagar Dr. P. Raja
6 Pulsed Electric Field Processing of Fruit Juices Dr. S. Ganapathy Dr. D. Amirtham
Dr. R. Arulmari
7 Development of  electrostatic spray coating machine for edible coating of fruits using the natural plant extracts Dr. M. Balakrishnan Dr. S. Ganapathy
Dr. D. Amirtham
8 Identification and standardization of microbial management techniques to reduce post harvest losses in Carrot Dr. P. Raja Dr. S. Ganapathy
9 Ultrasound assisted enzymatic aqueous extraction of turmeric leaf essential oil Dr. D. Amirtham Dr. R. Arulmari

I. University Research Project


S. No. Scheme P.I.
1. Design of a dryer for high moisture paddy. Dr. S. Ganapathy
2. Evolving grading standards and design of graders for dehusked coconut Dr. P. Rajkumar

II. University Core Project

Completed Schemes – Nil


Completed Sub-projects

S. No. Scheme P.I. Co P.I.
1. Development of continuous type washer for turmeric rhizomes Dr.IP.Sudagar Dr.S.Ganapathy

Dr.C.Indu Rani

2. Development of Improved Boiling system for turmeric Dr.T.Pandiarajan Dr.S.Ganapathy


3. Development of mechanical dryer for turmeric (Curcuma longa. L) rhizomes Dr.S.Ganapathy Dr.R.Arulmari
4. Development of dust proof turmeric polisher Dr.R.Arulmari Dr.S.Ganapathy


5. Development of efficient supply chain for aggregatum onion Dr.S.Ganapathy


Dr.C.Indu Rani
6. Development of integrated dal milling system suitable for black gram and green gram Dr.T.Pandiarajan Dr.S.Ganapathy


7. Development of ozone based storage structure for managing insects in grains Dr.T.Pandiarajan Dr.M.Balakrishnan


8. Process development for pilot scale production of α- amylase using edible deoiled cakes Dr.M.Balakrishnan




9. Production of ready to eat mushroom curry in retortable pouches Dr.R.Arulmari Dr.D.Amirtham



10. Studies on the nutraceutical properties of selected underutilized green leafy vegetables and their value addition Dr.D.Amirtham Dr.S.Ganapathy

Dr.C.Indu Rani

11. Development of on-line grading system based on internal and external qualities of mango using machine vision technology Dr.IP.Sudagar Dr.T.Pandiarajan


12. Studies on the effect of boiling, drying and storage on the biochemical constituents of turmeric rhizomes Dr.C. Indu Rani Dr.D. Amirtham

Externally funded schemes

Ongoing Schemes

S.No. Funding Agency Scheme P.I. Co P.I.



1. GOI – MHRD – SPARC Development of novel methods for Aflatoxin mitigation and management practices for value addition in chillies in India Dr. S. Ganapathy Dr. Kumar Mallikarjunan
University of Minnesota, USA.
 90 lakhs
2. GOI – DST – SERB – TARE Development of an ergonomically designed palmyrah (Borassus flabellifer) fiber extraction machine and characterization of palmyrah palm fiber reinforced epoxy biocomposites product Dr. IP. Sudagar Dr. Ravindra Naik, Senior Scientist, CIAE, Regional Centre, Coimbatore. 18.30 lakhs

Externally funded schemes

Completed Schemes

AICTE – Development of Ozone based storage structure for grains and pulses

Centre for Post Harvest Technology

University Ongoing Shemes

 The CPHT is collaborating with various national and international level organizations in conducting applied and problem solving research on priority areas. Multi-disciplinary team of this centre is associated in carrying out the need based and solution oriented projects. Some of the national and international collaborative organizations are

S.No Title of the scheme Sponsoring agency Completed/      On going
1 Consolidation of Food Security in South India CIDA McGill University, Canada Completed
2 Establishment of quality Control Laboratory For Food & Agricultural Produces MOFPI Completed
3 Revalorizing small millets: Enhancing the food and nutritional security of women and children in rain fed regions of South Asia using under-utilized species. (CIFSRF phase-1 International Development Research Centre, Canada


4 Enhancing the productivity and value addition of millets through knowledge transfer and skill demonstrations Part –II plan scheme Completed
4.  EU 7 VEG I Trade – Microbial assessment  and safety of Fresh Produce VEG I trade Completed
5 Evaluation of quality parameters of cashew apple during processing and MAP storage MOFPI Completed
6 Development of nano sensors for food safety and security ICAR Completed
7 Enhanced preservation of fruits using nano technology IDRC-CIFSRF, Canada Completed
8 “Rapid detection and quantification of Shiga- toxin producing Escherichia coli in fresh vegetables”  MOFPI-SERB Completed
9 Study on nutrient composition of millets and ways to minimize loss during processing and value addition State Planning commission Completed
10 Scaling up of small millet post harvest and nutritious food products (CIFSRF phase-2) International Development Research Centre, Canada Completed
11 Conversion of mango fruit waste into a micronutrient fortifying agent for the development of functional foods ICAR – Extra mural funds Completed
12 Use of protective foods for the development of health foods ICAR- Common Research Platform Completed
13 Development of antimicrobial antioxidant nano packing films ICAR- Common Research Platform Completed
14 Development of cable conveyor for banana Port system Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Italy, Completed
15 Revitalization of Millets for nutritional security  and enhanced productivity TANII Completed
16 Value added products from Sapota University-CRP On going
17 Extraction of Nutraceuticals from grape wastes for bio food additives University-CRP On going
18 Development of storage system for dehulled millets University-CRP On going
19 Design and Development of Pulsed Light (UV- C) Continuous Treatment System for Liquid Foods University -CRP On going
20 Processing of muskmelon and its stability during storage University-


On going
21 Shelf life enhancement in Bhendi,Brinjal,Tomato and Currey leaf through postharvest application of Enhanced freshness formulation (EFF) University-


On going
22 Processing of fruit powder from muskmelon and its stability during storage – PI University-CRP On going
23 Studies on evaluation of antioxidant property of Hibiscus rosasinensis genotypes and its stability in processed foods University-CRP On going

Dept. of Physical Sciences and Information Technology

University Research Projects - Ongoing

S. No. Scheme P.I.
1. Developing and Creating Ontology Consortia for Multistakeholders Dr. V. Ananthi

University Research Projects - Completed

S. No. Scheme P.I.
1. Forest College & Research Institute’ Education Management Information System (FC&RIEMIS) Dr. S. Sridevy
2. Analytical and Advisory Software for Environmental Samples Dr. V. Ananthi

Externally Funded Projects - Ongoing

Sl. No. Title of the Project Principal Investigator Funded by Period
1 Ag-IoT – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based class modules – Institutional Development Plan (IDP) entitled “Enhancing the learning outcome, employability and entrepreneurial skills of farm graduates through excellence in education” Dr.S.Sridevy Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi 01.08.2019 to 31.07.2022

Externally Funded Projects- Completed

Sl. No. Title of the Project Coordinator Funded by Period Budget(Lakh) Status
1 Weed Mapping using UAV Imagery with file number: DST/TDT/TD/2019/46 Dr.S.Sridevy National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP), ICAR, New Delhi (World Bank Project) 2 years 24,31,100/- Write-up and Power Point Presentation submitted on 29.11.2019 for in absentia presentation during first fortnight of December, 2019
2 Payirmarabu: Crop Genomic Data Resource Description Framework (RDF) Search Engine for Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics in Department of  Plant Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, Center for Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, TNAU, Coimbatore


Dr.S.Sridevy Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.


5 years Rs. 81,37,400/- Project shortlisted

Dept. of Renewable Energy

University Research Projects - Ongoing

S.No. Scheme Name
1. Strengthening the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering
2. Development of frugal engineering thermal reactor for generating energy efficient refuse and biomass derived fuels
3. Evolution of higher energy producing techniques for fuel and chemical generation from by-products
4. Comparative study of solar tunnel dryer with different cover materials for drying agricultural produce

University Research Projects -Completed

S.No. Scheme Name
1. Pilot plant development for ethanol production from sugar based crops
2. Adoption and Development of existing gasifier system using. Melia  Dubia as feed stock and estimation of Biochar from the tree parts

Externally Funded Projects -Ongoing

S.No Scheme Name Period
1. ICAR – All India Coordinated Research Project on Energy in Agriculture and Agro – Based Industries From 1974 to continue
2. ICAR – Consortia Research Platform on Energy from Agriculture From 2015 to continuing
3. ICAR – National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture 2018 to 2020
4. ICAR – NASF – Studies on thermal degradation of crop residues for kinetics, biopolymeric transitions and value-added products 2019 to 2022
5. GOI – MNRE – Biogas Development and Training Centre From 1982 to continuing
6. GOI- DST Joint Indo – Ukraine Project – Scientific and technical basis of creation of a complex of energy technology processing of biomass for obtaining substances with new properties and increasing their commercial value 2019-2021
7. PCRA – Energy conservation programmes in Agriculture and Allied Sectors 2018-2021

Externally Funded Projects -Completed

S.No Scheme Name
ICAR Schemes
1. ICAR Fully Financed Scheme – “Recycling of hatchery and Poultry waste through anaerobic digestions on large size dome type bio-gas plants for getting fuel and value added organic manure”
2. ICAR – BDS – Techno economic feasibility of pilot study bio diesel plants in collaboration with NGO TNAU
3. ICAR Fully Financed Schemes – NATP-BF -“Development and Refinement of Bio-Mass based improved chulha retrofit to drying burn for Turmeric and Arecaunut”
4. ICAR Fully Renewable Energy sources / prototype
5. ICAR – Fully – NAIP – Value Chain on Biomass Based Decentralized Power Generation of Agro Enterprises
6. ICAR – NFBSFARA – Isolation of clostridium strains and a two phase digestion system for efficient butanol production
7. ICAR – Extramural Research Project – Process development and evaluation of plasma gasification for producer gas generation from biowastes
8. ICAR – NASF – Eliciting soil microbiome responses of rice for enhanced water and nutrient use efficiency under anticipated climate change
9. ICAR – NAIP – “Value Chain on biomass based decentralized power generation for agro enterprises”.
GoI Schemes
12. Technical Backup unit under “National Project on Improved Chulha”
13. GOI “ Study on evaluation of improved chulhas with reference to indoor air pollution and health under the existing scheme on National Programme on improved chulha”
14. GOI – Development of Natural draft Gasifier for steam and hot air generation for Turmeric Boiling and Drying
15. NADP – Implementation of Precision Farming system in Tamil Nadu
16. GOI – MNRE – R&D Project – Design Development and evaluation of pilot scale ethanol Production from Cassava starch
17. GOI – Indo US  – US – India consortium for development of Sustainable Advanced Lignocellulosic  Biofuel System (SALBS)
18. GOI – MNRE –  DST  – Development of restore and online metering of drying parameters of Biomass Hot Air Generation System integrated with solar tunnel dryer for agro products drying application
19. GOI – MNRE R&D – Development of Hybrid high rate biomethanation reactor with locally available media for treating waste water and solid waste
20. GOI – RRII  – Development of Biogas / producer gas cum solar thermal energy based integrated drying system for efficient drying ribbed smoked sheets
Private agency Schemes
21. PA – GTZ “ Survey of Biogas Plants and study on replacement of fossil fuel in reducing Green House Gases under CDM”
22. PA – “Biodiesel production from algae” (BPCL)
23. PA – “Poultry litter based biomethanation plant slurry handling and enrichment” – IOT
24. An exploration of biomass resource potentials in Kangayam and Mannarkudi Taluks for installation of biomass based power generation units.
Foreign Agency
25. Food and Agricultural Organization funded scheme – Study on Biofuel Production from Rice residues in India
Venture Capital Schemes
26. Enhancing Biogas promotion and implementation through commercial module and consultancy of renewable energy systems (V60HK)
27. Analysis of energy generation potential of renewable sources and promotion of sale of improved chulhas (V60HL)

Dept. of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

University Research Projects -Ongoing


“Development and Testing of Low cost filters” in the Network project on “Engineering Interventions in Micro Irrigation Systems (MIS) for improving water productivity” under Consortia Research Platform on Farm Mechanization and Precision Farming.


  • To develop low cost filters with optimal selection of off the shelf components as well filtering media
  • To test the developed system in the field for efficacy in terms of pressure drop throughout discharge and quality of output

Funding Pattern

  • Fully funded (100 %) by ICAR

Project Area – Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Workshop, AEC&RI, TNAU, Coimbatore

Details of Works – Design of low-cost filters has been done and the low cost filter model is fabricated and analysis is being carried out.